How to write a blog post in 5 simple steps

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Have You Ever Been Stuck When Writing a Blog Post?

When I started blogging, I discovered an intrinsic resistance to writing and how difficult it was to deliver any result. As a total beginner, I needed a step by step guide to help me to overcome this obstacle. If you think you feel the same, here are 5 quick and easy steps that describe how to write a blog post:

  1. Plan your blog post.
  2. Create your headline.
  3. Write your blog post.
  4. Add your image.
  5. Edit your blog post.

You can follow these 5 steps when writing your blog post but to get a deeper understanding of each step, you can read the entire article here: How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps.

Image Credit: Happy blogging!, flickr.
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